Recently our Seniors traveled to South Dakota for their final retreat as St. Labre students.  The weekend began with opening prayers here on campus with family, friends and school staff.  They then traveled to Bear Butte Lodge, which is run by the Sioux tribe, at the base of Bear Butte.  The students participated in many activities at the lodge and up in the mountains.  When they returned to campus they planted a class tree in the park and had dinner with their families in the school cafeteria.

As the students reflected on their retreat they shared their thoughts on the bus ride home.

“Climbing Bear Butte made me think a lot about my family and all of the sudden, I realized that I never thanked and told my family that I loved them. I had a great urge to speak to my parents after it was done. I’ve thanked God for giving me strengths to speak emotionally to my parents.”

Walking up Bear Butte with just my own thoughts was significant to me. I realized it’s okay to be alone sometimes. I got a lot off my mind. I spent those moments talking to Creator. I knew he was listening to me and guiding me. I never felt such an amazing/spiritual thing in my life. This made me appreciate everything a little more. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful/thankful I am for being able to have that experience.”

day-2-group-photo-after-mass day-1-hanging-prayer-robes-on-bear-butte day-1-nellie-and-shandon day-1-praying-up-bear-butte-individually day-1-top-of-bear-butte opening-ceremony-milen-receiving-blanket