The Father Emmett Hoffmann Scholarship Fund

Continuing the Legacy for Generations to come.

We must ensure that all needy children who come to us for support tomorrow, and in the years to be, will have it.

-Father Emmett Hoffman

The FUTURE of any people rests entirely in the HANDS OF ITS YOUTH.

For Native Americans who daily face abject poverty and despair, their only way out is to get beyond the staggering unemployment and lack of opportunity on the reservation. A quality education is the best chance for achieving success in this age where knowledge is power.

For children living on the Northern Cheyenne and Crow reservations, St. Labre Indian School brings great hope and promise for a better future. Since 1884, St. Labre has cared for literally thousands of Native American children. Many of these children, however, realize a high school education may no longer be enough – their success and a future for their families may depend on their attending a college, vocational school or a university.

Keep the CIRCLE OF HOPE alive for Native American students who want to continue their education

For most, a college education is out of reach because the cost to attend a post-secondary institution is also out of reach. Only through the kindness and generosity of individuals, like you, are these children discovering they can continue their education beyond high school. Remarkably, this is just the beginning of a circle of life and hope that can repeat itself for future generations, with your help.

Past graduates who have left St. Labre to further their education are coming back as teachers, administrators, support specialists, and teachers’ aides. They are serving their people as nurses, tribal leaders, and law officers. The hope that was given to yesterday’s children is indeed coming back for tomorrow’s children. You can become a part of this very special circle of hope

A SPECIAL INVITATION to Honor a St. Labre Visionary

Many friends and supporters of St. Labre Indian School recall with great admiration the miracles that Father Emmett Hoffmann accomplished during his years serving this mission.

A newly ordained Capuchin Franciscan priest, Father Emmett arrived at St. Labre in 1954. He devoted more than 30 years of his life to serving the Native American children and families who depend on St. Labre.

Father Emmett is now deceased, yet his love for St. Labre and the Native American people continues. To honor his dedication and service, St. Labre Indian School established the Father Emmett Hoffmann Scholarship. Since 1977, these scholarship awards have assisted Native American students pursuing post-secondary education or training.

Students who wish to apply for the Father Emmett Hoffmann Scholarship must be graduates of St. Labre. They must also be enrolled members of a recognized Native American tribe or at least be able to substantiate their Native American descent.

These awards provide much more than simply a source of money for education. The application process requires students to work closely with teachers, counselors, and administrators, along with their parents or guardians. The intent is to prepare students for the demands that will be placed on them in college and beyond.

Share a GIFT that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE today and tomorrow

All contributions designated for this fund remain in perpetuity – only the interest earned is used to fund scholarship awards. The fund bears no administrative fees as all administrative costs are absorbed by the St. Labre Indian School general fund. The full value of every contribution to this fund remains at work earning interest, which is then used to fund awards each year.

The Father Emmett Hoffmann Scholarship Fund is administered by St Labre Indian School Educational Association. This corporation, whose purpose is exclusively educational and charitable, depends entirely on the generosity of benefactors. Any contribution to the Father Emmett Hoffmann Scholarship Fund or to St. Labre Indian School is entirely tax-deductible and will serve as a lasting legacy for generations to come.

YES! Keep the circle of hope growing for future generations.