Motivational speaker and former Harlem Globetrotter, Nick Moore, visited St. Labre recently.  Never give up, reach your goals, and be the best you can be was the focus of Mr. Moore’s talk with the kids.  He emphasized the need to stay away from drugs and alcohol in order to achieve big things in life.

During his time with our boys and girls, Nick had students and teachers join him on the basketball court.  There were laughs, cheers, and a few groans as the kids and staff mimicked the shots Nick took.  The determination to make a half-court shot was apparent as basketballs were heaved through the air over and over.  Although no one made the long shot, Mr. Moore’s message to never give up was evident not only on the court but in the stands as well.  Fellow students stood and cheered from the bleachers, encouraging their classmates to keep trying.