Cordelia, the current Miss Indian Oklahoma University, is a Junior at the University of Oklahoma with a major in Political Science.

“From the moment I arrived at St. Labre, I was immediately encouraged, assisted, and motivated to not only finish school, but to go beyond it. Throughout my education at St. Labre, I was instilled with academic integrity and goal setting. I have been blessed with the Success Scholarship that has granted me the opportunity to attend my dream school, as well as giving me educational opportunities and experiences that I never thought would be possible. One thing I realized when I got to college was that the other students I met did not receive the same kind of support I did from St. Labre. Their schools didn’t have scholarship or mentoring programs. I feel so lucky. I strongly believe St. Labre is one of the best schools in the country, and I am very proud to be an alum.” ~Cordelia