Two years ago, a new class program, created by the St. Labre Home Economics teacher, was added to the elective curriculum for high school students.  Students who choose to take the Braves Ink class work with ink and emblems to design and create shirts and sports jerseys.

Since the inception of this class, the Braves Ink class was awarded funds for a two-station, four-color screen printing machine. Adding this machine to the program means the students no longer have to outsource large orders to a shop in Billings, Montana.  This change has turned an unprofitable operation into one that is now in the black.  The profits are not only being put back into the growing business, but they are also being used to create scholarship funds for each of the students who are in the class.

Through Braves Ink, our students are gaining real-world business experience while still in school.  The Braves Ink program is teaching our students every aspect of running a small business, from the first customer contact, to contract writing, to book work, and delivery of the final product; our students are becoming young entrepreneurs with the help of St. Labre.