Help Native American Graduates Pursue an Education Beyond High School

The Native American students that St. Labre serves come from some of the poorest areas in all of the United States. They need a hand up to escape the cycle of poverty, and you can help provide them with that hand by sponsoring a scholarship. Every year, our graduates must make painstaking decisions about whether they can afford college.

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That’s why your generosity is so important! Thanks to scholarships provided by the gifts of friends like you, more than 80% of recent St. Labre graduates have been able to go on to post-secondary education and training.

Help more St. Labre graduates receive scholarships by establishing your own scholarship fund in the name of your choosing or anonymously.

Thank you for helping St. Labre graduates who want to continue their education!

You will be contacted by a St. Labre Gift Officer about fulfilling your pledge. If you have any immediate questions, you can call 1-866-652-0959 to speak with a member of St. Labre’s Major Gifts Department.

Help Native American students who want to continue their education

Only 19% of 18-to-24-year-old Native American students are enrolled in college compared to 41% of the overall U.S. population. That’s why the scholarships generous friends like you help to provide are so critical for St. Labre graduates who want to pursue post-secondary education.

When you contribute to St. Labre’s Scholarship Fund — which was established in 1977 — you will make a permanent impact on the Indian children of southeast Montana. Your contribution remains in perpetuity, and only the interest and earnings are used to fund scholarship awards. The fund bears no administrative fees as all administrative costs are covered by the St. Labre Indian School Educational Association.

Help more of our graduates receive scholarships when you give now to St. Labre’s Scholarship Fund. Help young Native Americans free themselves from the cycle of poverty and keep the circle of hope growing for future generations!

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St. Labre Alumni

St. Labre graduates are living out their brighter future

Thanks to caring friends like you, underprivileged Indian children at St. Labre are equipped to achieve their dreams and lead productive lives after graduation.

Our alumni can be found in many states across our nation and even internationally. Others return to reservation communities, or they engage in work that promotes and fosters Native American culture and well-being.

When our alumni find success and impact the world wherever they live, it’s the result of your investment in their exceptional education at St. Labre!

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