Brett’s heartfelt poem expresses his desire and his need to have the Lord with him as he enters the next phase of his life. This is not only apparent in the words he writes, but in the fact that he purposely chooses not to use capital “I” when referring to himself. Even at this young age he is mindful of his position in reference to God.

His poignant imploring of God to help him remember his family and the values he has been taught really reflect who Brett is. Once you meet him, you immediately perceive his quiet faith and his spirit of gratitude.

He expresses his thanks to his teachers and the staff at St. Labre, especially Robyn Lei, the home economics teacher, his favorite. “I like her classes, he says, “because she teaches us so many practical skills.” He enjoys his food classes, especially Advanced Foods, where students are learning about cooking for large groups and banquets. “We’ve been making complex Italian soups, breads and salads,” Brett says. It’s really fun.”

As much as he enjoys cooking, however, he hopes to major in athletic training. He’s been looking at
St. John’s University in New York and also Montana State University in Bozeman. He may get his undergraduate degree in physical science and his graduate degree in athletic training.

And a good athlete he is. As a freshman, he placed 11th in the state cross-country meet. He was also on the St. Labre basketball team this year, playing point guard and also participating in sprints, long jump and high jump for the track team. During summers, he works for the Crow Tribe Parks and Recreation Department.

He has particularly enjoyed living in the St. Labre Dormitory the past four years. “The attendants (Jesuit Volunteers) make it fun and they help me get my work finished and become better organized,”
Brett reflects.

He also enjoys family activities at his grandfather’s home, especially the picnics, which he helps prepare. In addition to helping his grandfather work around the house, they go into the sweat lodge together and pray.

“I am a spiritual person,” Brett says. “I learned to pray from my grandparents and my mom. I go to church every week and I read a devotional called Daily Bread. It helps me get through each day.”

In sum, Brett is an outstanding student who reflects the values and teachings of St. Labre Indian School.


Moving On

By Brett

Lord, My Father,
Protect me as i move on;
Bless me with all i gather,
Because when i leave I’ll be alone.
Far off from my family i go.
Leaving it all behind me,
Yet remembering who i know
As i travel across land, maybe sea.
Not knowing what i may encounter
While strong on my feet,
i’m Praying i don’t flounder
And people won’t mistreat.
i know life is difficult, Lord.
And i will struggle in it.
But help me be restored,
Be with me so I won’t slip
Walk with me
i ask in Glory to thee.