Giving Hope to America’s
Indian Children

St. Labre Indian School provides hope for a brighter and better future to nearly 750 Indian children in Southeastern Montana. Thanks to generous friends, these boys and girls can count on a first-class education that will help lift them out of poverty.

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The poverty rate in the areas served by St. Labre is nearly double that of the national average. In these low-income communities, alcoholism, crime, drug abuse and more compound the devastating effects of poverty.

We know that the only way out of poverty is through an education that not only prepares our Northern Cheyenne and Crow children for life, but also has a positive impact on the areasand communities we serve.

At St. Labre, each day ten buses on three campuses run in every direction logging some 4,000 miles per week; over 1,500 hot meals are served each day in our three cafeterias; classrooms buzz with active learning; sports teams practice after school; and the list goes on and on. All this and more is possible because friends like you care so much.

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St. Labre Indian School helps provide a real future for hundreds of Indian children in some of the poorest communities in our nation. By helping to keep the miracle of St. Labre alive, you give these deserving children a real chance in life. You help create hope and a brighter, better future for every Indian child at St. Labre and our surrounding communities.

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